Chana Frazin
The Oil For Me

We started The Oil For Me, a few months after our 4th child was born. I was introduced to some very high quality essential oils, I saw how we could use them for most our of healing and cleaning needs in our home.  I started making essential oil blends for every ailment that came our way, from fevers to cuts and scrapes, diaper rash, flu and everything else. As a stay at home mom of 4 amazing children, I didn't have too much extra time on my hands, but after a year blending and mixing on my own, I received my aromatherapy certification here in Israel.  The company has grown from there, although still home-based, hand-made with love in the Golan.

What we offer:

We specialize in essential oil blends for emotional healing, hand-crafted to suit your needs. 

Hand-made creams for delicate skin, vapor rubs, beard oils for men, etc. 

We run workshops in the home throughout Israel.  

Aromatouch Technique, a gentle touch technique to balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.


We've been benefiting from Oil For Me for years now, in particular the Flu Blend, air freshener and assorted medicinal oils. In short, I can't recommend enough working with Chana - she'll listen, internalize your needs and offer real, powerful aroma based solutions for all your emotional and physical health needs.  S. Zadok

Chana's oil blends have helped my family so much. From coughs, to bumps and brusies, to misquito replents, flu bombs, skin care and just some good ol fashion balancing...this is the first line care in our home.   LC David 

Chana was able to translate all my hopes and dreams for a men's beard oil into a final product that is personalized, uplifting yet grounding and enticing. When I rub that oil into my beard and walk past people, the responses are positive and come from a place of recognition and deep connection, with a hint of mystery.    S Goldman

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Chana Frazin


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